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How To Get More Facebook Page Likes

How To Get More Facebook Page Likes

We all want them… more likes!  Facebook is such a huge part of many businesses marketing strategies.  So how can we get more people liking our pages?  Here are a few tips:


–       To start you have to create a facebook fan page – I’m going to assume you already have one… if you don’t you can make one here:


–       Once it’s made, suggest it to all your personal facebook friends


–       Become a fan of other people’s pages, possibly in the same industry you’re in, or interested in (photography in this case), and then comment on their posts or pictures AS your page.


–       Be sure to put your Facebook page link on all your social media networks – twitter, pinterest, etc.


–       Add the Facebook “like” tool to your website or blog


–       Keep posting interesting content to your page – daily if you can, or at least weekly.  This will keep your fans interested in remaining a fan of your page.


–       Put your Facebook link at the bottom of all your emails.


–       Last but not least – if all else fails, you could always spend some money to get new fans by creating a Facebook ad.  Here’s how:


Unfortunately, you can’t go from none to a lot over night.  It takes time and effort and a little bit of work on your part.  But if you’re willing to work at it, you’ll gain more fans than you ever thought possible!



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